Affordable Auto: The Family-Focused Features of the Mitsubishi Outlander banner

Affordable Auto: The Family-Focused Features of the Mitsubishi Outlander

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Affordable Auto: The Family-Focused Features of the Mitsubishi Outlander

About the Model

The Mitsubishi Outlander first arrived on Australian shores in 2003 and quickly became a favourite amongst Aussie drivers as the popularity of the SUV was on the rise. The 2020 Outlander is a part of the third generation of the model that was initially launched in 2013, however, by 2020 the third-gen Outlander had received its third facelift.

What's in the Design?

The 2020 Outlander is designed for family adventures with exceptional practicality and capability in mind. are focused on improving key elements of the Outlander such as cargo space, occupancy, comfort, and off-road capability.

Features that Matter

Ownership Costs

In terms of running costs, you'll be hard-pressed to find a similarly-sized SUV with better running costs. Many comparisons show the Mazda CX-5 or Toyota RAV4 pipping the Outlander in terms of fuel economy and weekly costs, however, neither of these competitor models has seven seats nor does the RAV4 in these comparisons feature 4WD. Notably, the 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander ES was named the most affordable medium SUV to own and operate in the RACV's 2020 Vehicle Running Costs Report.

5-Star ANCAP Safety Rating

As with every family car, safety is a primary focus and the same goes for the 2020 Outlander. It features a respectable suite of safety tech including autonomous pedestrian and crash avoidance, electronic brake force distribution, forward collision warning, and electronic stability & traction control. 

Cargo Space

The 2020 Outlander features excellent rear cargo space meaning you'll never have to worry about being unable to fit everything. With all seven seats in use, boot space is 128 litres, while the maximum boot space (with middle and back rows stowed) is a hefty 1608 litres.

Seven Seats

Unlike many other competitors of the same size, the 2020 Outlander boasts seating for up to seven occupants. What's even better - if you're not using the rear two seats, they stow away conveniently under the boot floor.

4x4 On Demand

The 2020 Outlander features several 4x4 driving modes for various terrains. For regular driving on sealed roads, selecting eco mode will prioritise sending power to the front wheels providing greater fuel economy. If you're heading down some rough tracks, selecting 4WD Lock mode will offer greater traction and control by sending equal power through both the front and rear wheels.

Features that Surprise


The Outlander has large windows the whole way around allowing for excellent visibility with minimal blocking from pillars. The open view inspires plenty of confidence when navigating traffic or car parks meaning fewer worries for you.

Interior Room

Headroom, legroom and elbow room are all surprisingly substantial in the Outlander. Not only has Mitsubishi managed to fit it with seven seats, but has done so without compromising comfort room for the front and middle rows.


The 2020 Outlander drives like a much smaller car. You get the benefit of light steering and a tight turning circle meaning city travel is simple and easy.

Infotainment Tech

Despite being the base model, the 2020 Outlander ES features a surprising suite of infotainment features including a reversing camera, Apple CarPlay, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Rain-Sensing Wipers

The technology behind rain-sensing wipers is not cheap for the manufacturer which is why they're often only seen on higher-level model trims. Seeing this type of convenience on a base model like the Outlander ES shows Mitsubishi's focus on providing greater value to its customers.

If you're looking for an affordable car that's easy to handle, has plenty of interior room, can carry more than you expect and take you on some great family adventures, make sure to check out the range of Mitsubishi Outlanders available at Bigboxcars. 

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