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48-hour money back guarantee | rights and responsibilities

  • Within 2 consecutive days of delivery you are entitled to a full refund of the purchase price of the car. This needs to be provided in writing or via email within the 48 hours’ period.
  • The vehicle will need to be returned by the owner to 127 Riawena Road, Salisbury, Queensland 4107 in the same condition it was at purchase. The exception is fair wear and tear or a mechanical problem that was not caused by you.
  • If the purchase agreement involves a trade in vehicle, we will not sell that trade-in vehicle until the 48-hour money back guarantee period has lapsed
  • Some situations will impact the 48-hour guarantee:
    • If the vehicle is financed, and the amount refundable is not sufficient to payout the loan, then the money back guarantee does not apply.
    • If the vehicle has driven more than 300km before it is returned, the 48-hour money back guarantee does not apply.
    • If the vehicle sustains any damage or has been in an accident before it is returned, the 48-hour money back guarantee does not apply.
  • A limit of 2 cars per customer applies in any 12 month period

Australia wide delivery | rights and responsibilities

We can help with delivery for you across Australia. We have relationships with all of the major transport providers, which means we can provide industry competitive quote at our invoice cost to you.

Cars need to be insured by customers before being transported. Our transport providers will complete a handover inspection report at pick up and drop off. You need to review the report on the vehicle’s arrival. If you disagree with the report, then you need to record that disagreement on the collection document slip from the transport provider prior to accepting your vehicle.

Keep a copy of this report for discussion with Bigboxcars and the authorised repair agent.

Discussing delivery issues – Go to bigbox.com.au/contact us and complete a delivery enquiry form. Alternatively, call us on 1300 244 269

24 hour hold | rights and responsibilities

A vehicle can be held for 24 hours at a customer’s request via a $100 deposit.

This holding deposit can be used as a part payment on your new car when you choose to

proceed with the purchase or;

Should the 24 hour time period lapse or you choose not to proceed, the money will be refunded, no questions asked and the hold removed.

You are only permitted to hold 1 vehicle at any given time.

Fixed price promise | terms & conditions

The final price of the car is displayed on the car – what you see, is what you pay. Our drive away price includes all statutory and government on road costs, including registration and stamp duty.

Each vehicle price is determined by our team of inventory analysts. They have researched every vehicle against the market, and using real time third party data, have priced the car to be better than the market average for similar cars for sale at Queensland dealership's.

Sell Your Car - Online Trade-in Valuation Service

By completing the request form on the linked page (“We'll Buy Your Car / Sell my Car”), you confirm that you wish for us to provide an online valuation of Your Vehicle. After passing an inspection at a premises nominated by Us, we may complete the purchase of Your Vehicle or accept it for a trade-in (‘We'll Buy Your Car’), as governed by these Terms and Conditions.


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