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Affordable Auto: Why the MG3 is the Perfect Car for a Tight Budget

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Affordable Auto: Why the MG3 is the Perfect Car for a Tight Budget

About the Brand

Despite only launching in Australia in 2016, the new-look MG brand has stormed up the sales charts and, as of 2022, sits at the seventh best-selling car brand in the country. The brand has managed this by offering a concise range of cars at an affordable price point that appeals to many Australians, especially in an age of rising living costs and tight budgets.

About the Car

As of April 2023, the MG3 is the #2 best-selling small car in Australia which is no small task in this competitive segment. As one of the very few new cars for sale under $20,000, the MG3 is a highly appealing choice for first-time buyers, budget-conscious consumers, and anyone just looking for a set of simple wheels to get them from A to B.

Features that Matter


At Bigboxcars, we’ve got a huge range of MG3s from 2021 onwards starting from just $16,490. You’ll find the majority of our MG3s for just $17,990 drive away.

Operating Costs

Not only is the MG3 one of the cheapest cars to purchase, according to RACQ, but it's also the cheapest light car to own and operate in the country. This is due to the combination of great fuel economy, cheap insurance, plus affordable servicing and parts, among other factors.


The slight dimensions of the MG3 make this petite ride an absolute breeze in which to negotiate the city streets, while the turning circle provides exceptional maneuverability through any parking lot.

8-inch touchscreen infotainment system & Apple CarPlay

Exceptionally affordable doesn’t have to mean bare-bones and these days, the lack of a decent infotainment system is often a dealbreaker. The clear and responsive 8-inch touchscreen display is more than enough for this little car and it’s a no-brainer to outsource the hard work to Apple CarPlay which does it better than most anyway.

Features that Surprise

Automatic headlights

Automatic headlights in a low-cost car are the type of feature that manufacturers could easily omit for simplicity under the guise of saving costs for the customer. This is why we love seeing extras like this MG3 as it shows MG is focusing on adding value for the owner while maintaining its cost-effective price point.  

Cruise Control

Maybe it’s just me, but cruise control is definitely a feature I value especially with the amount of commuting I do on the motorways around Brisbane. It’s also nice to see cruise control in such a budget-friendly car and it's certainly something I would have loved to have in my first car.

Reversing Camera & Rear Parking Sensors

The base model of a budget-friendly, economically-sized light car with a reversing camera? That’s an absolute winner. On top of that, it comes with rear parking sensors for extra assistance around the parking lot.

Tyre pressure monitoring system

This was a feature we were genuinely surprised to see in an MG3. Your tyres are potentially the most important safety element of your car as they’re your primary connection to the road. Having the ability to keep an eye on your tyre pressures allows you to keep them performing at their best while also alerting you to any issues like an untimely and potentially dangerous flat tyre before you commence a trip.

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