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Best Cars for L & P Plate Drivers

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Best Cars for L & P Plate Drivers 

Choosing the right first car is a crucial decision for new drivers. Whether you're on your Learner (L) or Provisional (P) plates, finding a reliable and safe vehicle that also fits into the budget can make a significant difference. These are the eight cars we'd recommend for a Learner (L) or Provisional (P) plate driver.

Toyota Corolla

Reliability and Fuel Efficiency: The Toyota Corolla is renowned for its reliability, making it an excellent choice for first-time drivers. Its fuel efficiency ensures cost-effective driving, while its compact size makes it easy to navigate through urban and suburban areas.

Mazda 3

Sporty and Stylish: The Mazda 3 combines a sleek design with sporty performance, making it an attractive option for young drivers. With advanced safety features and responsive handling, the Mazda 3 offers a balance of style and safety.

Hyundai i30

Safety-Focused Driving: The Hyundai i30 places a strong emphasis on safety features, including advanced driver assistance systems. Its commitment to safety, combined with a comfortable ride, makes it a solid option for those prioritizing security on the road.

Mazda CX-3

Compact SUV Practicality: The Mazda CX-3 provides the practicality of an SUV in a compact form. Ideal for Queensland's varied terrains, it offers a higher driving position, making it a versatile and comfortable choice for learners and provisional drivers.


Compact SUV Appeal: The MG ZS offers the allure of a compact SUV, blending style with practicality. It's well-suited for Queensland's diverse landscapes and provides a comfortable driving experience for those transitioning to independent driving.


Affordable Fun: The MG MG3 brings affordability and a sense of fun to the first-car experience. With its youthful design and economical operation, it caters to drivers who want a spirited yet budget-friendly option.

Kia Cerato

Elegant Design and Tech Features: The Kia Cerato impresses with its elegant design and modern technology features. As a first car, it combines aesthetics with a range of tech options, ensuring a contemporary driving experience.

Mitsubishi ASX

Spacious Compact SUV: The Mitsubishi ASX provides a spacious interior within the confines of a compact SUV. With its generous cargo space and practicality, it caters to those who appreciate a versatile and comfortable driving environment.

Choosing your first car requires careful consideration of safety, reliability, and practicality. The vehicles mentioned above offer a mix of these qualities, ensuring not only good value for your money but a positive and secure driving experience for the years ahead. As you make your decision, take into account your individual preferences, budget, and the unique driving conditions you'll encounter in Queensland. At Big Box Cars, we have over 200 vehicles available, all under the one roof. Check out our stock and see if we have what you're looking for! Safe travels on your driving journey!

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