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Best Pre-Owned Utes in Australia

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Published Thu Mar 14 2024

Best Pre-Owned Utes in Australia

You may have heard by now that Kia is getting a Ute, but for those who aren’t interested in buying a brand-new car the pre-owned market still offers fantastic options that can provide excellent value for money. In this guide, we'll delve into some of the best pre-owned Utes in Australia, exploring why they make this list. 

Toyota Hilux

Known for its legendary reliability and durability, the Toyota Hilux is a top contender in the pre-owned Ute market. Its robust construction and proven off-road capabilities make it a favorite among Aussie drivers. With a range of engine options, including diesel variants known for their fuel efficiency and towing capacity, the Hilux is ready to tackle any task thrown its way. From weekend adventures to worksite duties, the Hilux excels across the board.

Mazda BT-50

The Mazda BT-50 combines style, comfort, and performance in a package that's hard to beat. With its sleek design and refined interior, it offers a more car-like driving experience without compromising on Ute essentials. Under the hood, the BT-50 boasts powerful engines that deliver ample torque for towing and hauling. Its solid build quality and advanced safety features make it a compelling choice for families and tradies alike.

Ford Ranger

Renowned for its ruggedness and towing prowess, the Ford Ranger is a dominant force in the Australian Ute market. Available in a range of configurations, from single cab to dual cab, and with various engine options, the Ranger caters to a wide audience. Whether navigating city streets or traversing rough terrain, its impressive off-road capabilities and comfortable ride make it a top pick for adventure seekers and professionals alike.

Mitsubishi Triton

The Mitsubishi Triton strikes a perfect balance between performance, affordability, and practicality. Its sturdy chassis and reliable engine options make it a dependable workhorse for everyday use. With a spacious cabin and generous payload capacity, it's equally suited for family outings and heavy-duty tasks. The Triton's reputation for longevity and low running costs further solidifies its position as a sought-after pre-owned Ute.

Volkswagen Amarok

Offering European refinement with Ute utility, the Volkswagen Amarok is a unique contender in the segment. With its powerful engines and sophisticated suspension system, it delivers a smooth and composed ride both on and off the road. The Amarok's upscale interior features premium materials and advanced technology, setting it apart from its competitors. While it may come at a slightly higher price point, its superior build quality and driving dynamics make it a compelling choice for discerning buyers. 

Nissan Navara

The Nissan Navara is another strong contender in the pre-owned Ute market, known for its reliability and versatility. With its robust construction and capable engines, it's well-equipped to handle the demands of Australian terrain. The Navara's comfortable ride and spacious interior make it an ideal choice for both work and play. Whether towing a trailer or navigating city streets, it delivers a confident and capable performance.

When considering a pre-owned Ute, it's essential to assess factors such as mileage, service history, and overall condition. Additionally, researching common issues and conducting a thorough inspection can help ensure a satisfying purchase. With the right choice, a pre-owned Ute can provide years of reliable service and adventure, making it a worthwhile investment for any Aussie driver. Whether you're hauling equipment on the job site or exploring the great outdoors, these top Utes are ready to tackle whatever comes their way. 

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