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Best Used Utes in 2020

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Best Used Utes in 2020

Shopping for a Ute car can be exhausting. The research, the reviews, the comparisons, the forums and so on can become all too confusing. That's why we've put together this list of what we think are the best used Utes of 2022 in terms of value for your money.

Holden Colorado Z71

This is a Ute packed with a variety of modern entertainment, safety and comfort features. On some of the more recent year models you'll get Sat-Nav, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, heated leather seats, lane departure warning and forward collision alert. Features aside, it also has a very tough look. The Z71 body decals and black 18" alloys really enhance the look no matter the vehicle's colour.

View our range of Colorado Z71's here - Search Colorado Z71

Toyota HiLux SR5

Although the older model SR5's may still be little pricey for a used car, what you need to remember about Toyota is they're most notably known for their solid reliability, long life span and ability to retain their value. It's also been Australia's top selling vehicle for many years. You'll find that the new 2020 SR5 starts at just below $60K. With this in mind, you find that the average prices of many of the older models are actually quite appealing given their high quality and exceptional capabilities. 

View our range of Hilux SR5 here - Search HiLux SR5

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Extremely popular, extremely capable and extremely luxurious features. The Wildtrak combines rugged looks and a plush, luxurious cabin with exciting modern features such as Sat-Nav, lane departure warning, heated leather seats, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, wireless hotspot, adaptive cruise control and a powerful 5 cylinder 3.2L turbo diesel engine (features vary depending on year model). It's designed and engineered in Australia, which is explains it's endless popularity and incredible 63 per cent of all Ford’s sales in Australia. 

View our range of Wildtrak's here - Search Wildtrak

Volkswagen Amarok

Tough & rugged in appearance. Well built. Practical and versatile. The Volkswagen Amarok is one of the top selling 4x4 utes here in Australia that appeals to most people no matter their age or needs. The bonus of the Amarok is that it holds its value over time due to the quality build and engineering. The V6 diesel engine is a fan favourite but the 4 cylinder is still a capable and powerful rig off-road. Considering how long this car will last you, the slightly higher price is certainly worth it.  

View our range of Amarok's here - Search Amarok


Obviously there are 4x4 utes on the market that perform better, offer you more features and comfort or that are cheaper than what we have listed here. However, this list is not about the cheapest or the best performance and feature packed 4x4 utes, rather the best options available in terms of value for money. If you're after a high quality build that will last you a long time and you can rely on or something that offers you the top of the range model for a much more affordable price whilst still maintaining good performance off-road, these options are certainly worth considering. 

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