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Car Hacks That You Will Love

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Published Thu Feb 15 2024

Car Hacks That You Will Love

No matter if it's a road trip or your daily commute, these car hacks can elevate your time behind the wheel, ensuring a smoother ride and extending the life of your vehicle. Let's explore these essential car hacks that every driver should know.

Fuel Tank Indicator Insight:

No more guessing which side your fuel tank is on at the fuel station. Take a glance at the fuel icon on your instrument cluster, and you'll find a small arrow indicating the side where your fuel tank is located. This simple hack saves you from unnecessary circling and ensures a hassle-free refueling experience.

Optimal Tyre Pressure:

Maintaining the correct tire pressure is not just about a smoother ride; it's a key factor in fuel efficiency and tyre longevity. Keep your tyre pressure at the recommended PSI to maximize fuel consumption, ensure a comfortable ride, and extend the life of your tyres. Regularly check and adjust the pressure to reap these benefits.

Wiper Blade TLC with Glass Cleaning Product:

Extend the life of your wiper blades and improve visibility in the rain by using a glass cleaning spray. Soak a clean rag in the spray and wipe it up and down the length of your wiper blades. The results on the rag will be evident, and you'll notice a significant improvement in how well your windshield wipers perform during rainy weather.

Coin Check for Tyre Tread:

Ensure your safety on the road by checking your tire tread with a coin. Insert a 10-cent coin into the tire grooves, and if the outside band on the coin is still obscured by the groove, then it’s still legal. You can also do the same trick with a 20-cent coin and if the platypus’ bill is obscured, then the tyre tread is deeper than 3mm.

Strategic Parking for Seasonal Comfort:

Maximize efficiency during winter by parking your car facing the East direction. The sun's rays will assist in defrosting your windshield quickly, saving you time and energy. In the summer months, park facing the West direction to prevent your car from becoming excessively hot. A simple yet effective hack for year-round comfort.

Extend Key Remote Range:

Boost the range of your key remote by a simple touch – place the remote to your head while pressing the button. For an even greater boost, hold it under your chin and open your mouth. This unconventional yet effective hack allows you to unlock your car from a further distance, which can be a real life saver on those days where you just can't seem to find your car. 

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