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Must-Have 4WD Gear & Accessories

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Must-Have 4WD Gear & Accessories

With overseas travel on hold with COVID19, now’s never been a better time to hit the road for some camping and four-wheel driving action! However, before you take your 4x4 straight onto the beach or up the rocky mountain, you need to consider the gear you’ll need. Lucikly for you, we’ve compiled a list of what gear we think is a must-have before tackling the off-road.

Tyre Deflator

If you’re keen on taking your rig on the sand or ever find yourself traversing up a rock cliff face, you’ll need to air down your tyres to get better traction. Instead of waiting hours for each wheel to go down from your street PSI of above 30 to below 15 PSI, you can use a tyre deflator which makes airing down quick and easy. ​

Recovery Tracks

One of the best tools in your arsenal when it comes to recovery is a set of recovery tracks. These often can get you out of being stuck in the mud (or sand) in a jiffy without the need for help from others.

Rated Recovery Points

These are simply an inevitability when it comes to off-roading. When you find yourself stuck (really stuck) in a rut, you’re most likely going to need to be pulled out by another vehicle using a snatch strap or a winch. In order to do so safely, you’ll need to have your vehicle fitted with rated recovery points on the front and rear. The reason you need to used a “rated recovery point” and not just use your vehicle’s tie-down/transport hooks is that these rated recovery points have been built to withstand the large amount of force pulling from the recovery point. To attempt recovery without a rated recovery point is to put yourself and others in grave danger - literally. 


No matter whether your buying for a four wheeler or not, investing money into a good set of tyres is always a smart decision. This certainly is the truth with purchasing 4x4 tyres as traction is imperative to performance and safety. 

Air Compressor

If your planning on tackling some truly off road four wheel tracks that restrict you from the convenience of pumping your tyres back up at the closest servo; an air compressor is a must. You’ll need to make sure you purchase one with a powerful enough PSI to ensure you don’t spend hours airing up just one tyre. 

4x4 Tyre Repair Kit

Let’s just say, you’re on the beach in your fourbie and you get a flat tyre. Instead of having to go through the hassle of changing a tyre on the beach, if you can, using a 4x4 tyre repair kit will be a much quicker and easier way to your vehicle moving again. 

Recovery kit

To ensure you can recover your own vehicle and others safely you will need a basic kit of recovery equipment. A basic kit should come with a snatch strap, an extension strap, a winch dampener, a bow shackle, heavy duty gloves, a tree trunk protector and a snatch block. Having this will give you the peace of mind that you don’t have to rely on the gear of others and the edge of being able to safely recover other vehicles too.

UHF Radio

The trouble with going four-wheel driving is sometimes you wind up in places without phone service. The other trouble is that you can find yourself in a sticky situation where you might need to call for help. So what’s the solution to both these problems? A UHF (Ultra High Frequency) radio. These allow you to communicate with other drivers or emergency vehicles to request for assistance. 

High Lift Jack

On the rare occasions that you end up with a flat tyre on the beach or in a rut which needs changing, your manufacturer’s supplied jack just won’t cut the mustard. In these conditions, you will need a high lift jack to combat sinking into soft ground and getting enough clearance to change the tyre.   

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