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Why Every Car SHOULD Be Tinted

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Why Every Car SHOULD Be Tinted

1. Protect Yourself

If you’re thinking about having your car windows tinted but feel like it is an unnecessary splurge rather than more of a necessity, we have some facts that might just convince you that tinting is not only for appearance sake. Here in Queensland we have some hot temperatures for the majority of the year, especially during our summers. Those UV rays that the sun gives out during these hot periods can be more than just uncomfortable. Here are the top 5 reasons you should have your car windows tinted. ​

2. Protect Your Car

Not only are you and your passengers at risk without the right window but so is your car’s interior. When parked in the sun for extended periods of time without tint, your car’s interior surfaces (i.e. dash, steering wheel, center console, etc.) are at high risk of peeling, fading and cracking. Window tint blocks these damaging UV rays from deteriorating your car’s cabin.​

3. Reduce Glare

Glare can be a big problem that drivers often face. In Queensland, it can be quite common and very dangerous. Window tint, however, maximes your visibility by reducing glare in sunny and night driving conditions.​

4. Stay Cool

We all know what it’s like to hop back in the car after leaving it in the sun a few hours in summer. The thick, unbreathable air. The sizzling steering wheel. The searing seat belt. With the right tint, the sun’s UV rays are blocked out, meaning your car is kept cool whether you’re driving around or parked in broad daylight.  This results in your air conditioning not over working, which helps improve its efficiency as well as your fuel efficiency.​

5. Look Cool

Not only is having tint much safer and more comfortable but the bonus is it does improve the appearance of your car. Tint darkness can vary from business to business but most businesses offer a variety of levels of tint darkness. Just make sure that if you go for the darkest option that it is in fact still legal.

At Big Box Cars we offer our customers the option to have their new car’s windows tinted before they pick up the keys and hit the road. We use SPF50 + tint which is the highest SPF rating for window film and it blocks up to 99% of UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet radiation. Our window tint is available in three options, the darkest level being the darkest legal tint there is.

So if you’re looking at getting yourself behind the wheel of a new car or just investing in window tint for your current car, contact us and we can help get you sorted.

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