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How to Know if You Can Trust Your Mechanic

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How to Know if You Can Trust Your Mechanic

Finding a good mechanic or service centre can be difficult.  You want to choose a place you can trust and not think twice about having any issues checked as soon as they arise.  While most mechanics take pride in their work and do their best by their customers, there’s still some bad apples among the bunch.  How, then, does one know if their mechanic and service centre is trustworthy?  We’ve put together a short list of things to look for in a trustworthy service centre.​

They're Up-to-Date

A good service centre keeps up to date with the ever changing industry. As cars nowadays are built with more and more electronic components, an up to date diagnostic scanners that suit a wide range of vehicles has become a necessity for mechanics. This allows a mechanic to diagnose the problem as quickly as possible without wasting your time and money going through a process of elimination. Not only should a trustworthy service centre have this technology but they should keep themselves up to date with how to read and diagnose these errors for a wide variety of vehicles. 

Communication is Key

When it comes to any retail experience, good communication is essential.  It can make or break the likelihood of you revisiting that store or recommending it to friends and family.  A trustworthy service centre will have a team and process in place to communicate.  You should be able to reach them in most modern forms of communication, email, SMS and phone call just to name a few.  A good service centre will explain any problems with your car in a clear and empathetic manner. 

Before you leave with your car, they should provide you with a detailed report of your car’s service as well as list any future work your car will need.  If you are given choices to make, a good service centre should weigh out the pro’s and con’s of each option and answer and answer any questions you have with options.


Many of our retail decisions nowadays are based on reviews.  Where we eat out, what store we buy from online, which rideshare driver we pick.  There’s a good reason for that - customer reviews are reliable. Picking your Service Centre is no different, if they have good reviews, a high star rating and have been reviewed by a large number of people, then you know you can trust them. ​

With nearly 1,500 reviews and a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on Google, Bigbox Service & Tyres have cemented themselves as a trustworthy service centre in Brisbane. We have a team of highly trained mechanical technicians that use modern technology and training when maintaining your vehicle. You can reach us through all key methods of communication - phone call, SMS or email. We provide our customers with a detailed service report and outline any future work that needs to be done to your vehicle. Our down to earth staff can answer any questions you have about your vehicle and it’s service as well as explain the options you may have available to you.

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