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What To Do With Squeaky Brakes

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What To Do With Squeaky Brakes

Are your car's brakes squeaking and squealing as your pull out of the driveway or slow down for the lights? If so, here's what might be causing it and some ways to fix it.

Why Your Brakes Squeak

To help you understand the issue, here's a little background on how most modern brakes work.

You press on the brake pedal - brake caliper makes two brake pads squeeze the rotor - car's forward momentum is slowed down.

Firstly, it is inevitable that your brakes will squeak from time to time. Don't worry, it's completely normal. This can be simply due to the fact that the brake pads are pressing against a tiny layer of rust that's formed overnight. In these instances, the squeak will quickly go away after you've stopped and started a few times.

However, if you've noticed that the brakes are squeaking consistently, then you might need to replace your brake pads.

How To Fix

Brake pads should usually last you tens of thousands of kilometers but it all depends on how you drive. Driver's who are regularly in stop-start peak hour traffic will find that their brake pads wear out faster than someone who only takes their car out on the weekend. It is best to first have your pads looked at to assess whether you are in need of just a simple replacement of brake pads.

If the pads are still in good condition, then the next point of call is to check your rotors for signs of wear. Although they are built to last decades, if you have an older car or if you're a frequent off-roader (especially on the beach) or if you have damaged your car in an accident that wasn't repaired properly, there's a good chance you'll find that rust has set in on your rotors.

Corrosion on the wheel can be very dangerous as the smooth surface of the brake disc is now compromised by the uneven effect of the rust.

Either way, driving with worn out brake pads or corroded rotors means you're driving with less effective brakes. This means that depending on the severity of the wear, your vehicle could be unsafe for you and your passengers.

If your brakes are consistently making squeaky or unusual noises, bring your car into BigBox Service & Tyres. Our friendly team members can inspect, assess and diagnose what is the cause of the problem and have it fixed for you!

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