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Why Do My Tyres Wear So Quickly?

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Why Do My Tyres Wear So Quickly?

Your tyres might just be the most significant part of your car. They’re the only part of your car that’s ALWAYS touching the road. The problem is most people are under the impression that as long as their tyres are inflated, they’re working fine. This is not the case. Truth is, if you don’t look after your tyres you’ll wear out their tread faster and be out of pocket hundreds of dollars for new tyres. 

Here are the three things you can do to prolong your tyre tread and save yourself money in the long run.

1. Always drive with the correct tyre pressure

Driving with the incorrect tyre pressure will wear out your tyres faster and more unevenly. Tyres that are over-inflated tend to wear the middle of the tyre’s tread whilst under-inflated tyres wear out the inner and outer parts of the tyre. When your tyres are properly inflated, they will be capable of safely handling all the challenges that we, as drivers, throw at them. However, if you’re driving with incorrect tyre pressure then your tread will wear out faster when braking or turning in a certain direction.

A little known fact is that most manufacturers actually recommend checking your tyre pressure every time you fill up at the fuel station. It’s quick and easy to do and it’ll ensure your tyres stay in the best condition possible.

2. Get your wheels aligned

Another misconception is that spending the money on a wheel alignment is not necessary and only something you do if you can afford it. Driving with misaligned tyres plays a huge part in wearing down your tread more quickly. A wheel alignment ensures that all tyres drive straight forward. Have you ever been driving on the long stretch of the highway and noticed that your car was pulling to the left? Chances are your wheels are misaligned. Some drivers are not even aware that their car is doing this as they have subconsciously adjusted how they hold their steering wheel. This might even be happening to you without you being aware of it. When your wheels are out of alignment they hit the road at the wrong angle which causes the inside or outside of your tyres to wear out quicker. 

It’s recommended to have your wheels aligned every 20,000 Kms or 12 months (whichever comes first). 

One sided wear caused by incorrect axle geometry (wheel alignment).
1. Toe out or negative toe in - inner tyre wear.
2. Toe-in or positive toe-in - outer tyre wear.
3. Wear on the tyre shoulders is also caused by high camber values. Avoid by checking the vehicle wheel alignment regularly as part of the tyre maintenance routine.

​3. Kick the habits

Certain bad driving habits also can quickly wear your tyres down. These include:

- Spinning your wheels

- Braking too hard

- Accelerating too fast

- Driving at fast speeds (especially whilst cornering)

These are habits you need to change not only for your safety but also to ensure your tyres last you as long as possible. 

Tearing and chipping of tread is usually a sign that the tye has been used for the wrong application of road surface, or by spinning wheels on a stony surface. Avoid off road use of highway tread patterns and use the right tyre for the service application.
Punctures are caused by foreign objects on the roadway entering into the tyre body. When objects enter the tread face, generally they can be reapired after being examined by an experienced trained technician.
Caused by heavy brake application resulting in locked wheels. A patch is effectively scrubbed as the tyre skids across the road surface. Even ABS can lock briefly and cause flat spotting. This can only be avoided by avoiding sudden hard braking especially during a tyre disablement.
Caused by lack of tyre maintenance with attention to tyre pressures, tyre rotation and wheel alignment. Some heel and toe wear is regarded as normal however inspecting, rotating tyres regularly, maintaining the correct tyre pressure and alignment geometry will reduce the incidence.

If you can take into consideration these three things and treat the maintenance of your tyres as strongly as you do with changing your fluids, then you’ll find your tyres will last you much, much longer. Remember, it costs nothing to check your tyre pressure at a fuel station and nothing to change your bad driving habits but only as little as $66 to have your wheels aligned here at Bigbox Service & Tyres. In comparison to regularly spending hundreds of dollars on new tyres, that’s much a much better deal.

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