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Why Do You Need To Change Your Pollen Filter?

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Why Do You Need To Change Your Pollen Filter?

Suffer from hay fever? Car starting to smell of mould? Want to breathe fresh, clean air whilst driving? A new pollen filter might be a bright idea for you and your car.

Pollen Filters Explained

Granted, the pollen filter is not the most exciting or popular feature of a car. However, it is a crucial feature to understand and maintain. Pollen filters clean the air that comes into the cabin of the car and filters out pollen, dust, dirt, exhaust fumes and any other airborne material. This helps to protect you and your passengers from the majority of the pollutants and allergens that your car encounters whilst sitting amongst other cars. It is especially handy during an off-road adventure where dust and pollen can make those with a condition, like asthma or hay fever, feel very uncomfortable.

Why Do You Need To Change It?

Over time the Pollen Filter can become clogged with dust, leaves, twigs and residue from exhaust fumes. When the filter is blocked, it can put unnecessary strain on your Air Conditioning (AC) blower motor. Left blocked, not only will it cause your car to smell mouldy, it could also potentially cause costly problems to your vehicle’s AC system.

The tell tale signs that its time to change your Pollen Filter are:

1. Poor air flow from the car AC vents

2. A dirty or musty smell coming from the vents

3. Increased symptoms from anyone with allergies or respiratory problems whilst in your car.

How Often Should You Change your Pollen Filter?

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing your Pollen Filter every two years. However, if you live in a highly polluted area or drive mostly in the city, this could be more frequently.

Cooler weather is usually the ideal time to replace your Pollen Filter. With summer and spring comes an influx of pollen and allergens. Changing out your filter in winter will have you prepared.

Replacing the Pollen Filter in your car is a simple job for a mechanic. Our qualified technicians at Big Box Cars can identify if your Pollen Filter requires replacing, recommend the best type of filter for your requirements and can replace / fit it for you.

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