Big Box Cars Comprehensive Quality Process

Our Quality Process

Our Quality Process

Every car at Big Box Cars must pass our comprehensive quality process before we list it for sale.

To ensure every car performs optimally, there are numerous checks our qualified technicians perform. In fact, we will spend on average over $1000 to condition our cars to meet our high standards.

This thorough & comprehensive process inspects every aspect of the vehicle, from the exterior & interior, to the engine & electronics.

We also perform a Product & Safety Recall check, so you can drive away with the peace of mind that your vehicle doesn't have any outstanding issues flagged by the manufacturer.

As an added bonus, we provide all our cars with an external car wash and internal detail.

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Bigboxcars Inspection Standards & Quality Report

Bigboxcars Inspection Standards & Quality Report

Every car we sell must pass our Quality Assured Checklist. This is to give you complete peace of mind & assure you of the high quality of the cars we sell.

Our cars are road tested by our mechanics to make sure they perform as they should where it matters most - on the road. This includes a tyre tread and brake pad check.

We also ensure that all the features in your car work - from the air conditioning & electric windows, to the radio and seat operations - we also do a battery check & replace those that don't meet our strict standards.

Download our Inspection Checklist to see what we exactly check over on the exterior, the engine & its components, the interior, the body and underneath the vehicle and what we road test in every vehicle.

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