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Big Box Cars $59 Pollen Filter Offer

Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or simply prefer the air in your car to remain fresh and clear, a pollen filter can be an invaluable accessory.

Replacing your old and/or dirty pollen filter will:

  • Prevent your car to smell musty
  • Improve and maintain a proper airflow into the cabin
  • Ensure your drive is as comfortable as possible

For only $59, our expert Big Box Cars Tyre & Service technicians can supply and fit your vehicle with a new pollen filter. This can of course also be done during your regular service to save you time.

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When do I need to visit Big Box Cars Tyre & Service for a new pollen filter?

It's important to replace your filter regularly to ensure that it's still working properly. Usually manufacturers ask that you replace it every two years, although this can be sooner if you live in a heavily polluted area, do a lot of driving around cars with dirty exhausts, if you commute on a road with a lot of trucks or on dusty unsealed roads.

The pollen filter helps to remove contaminants from coming in through the air vents – like exhaust fumes from the car in front, dust and dirt on a track or, as the name suggests, pollen flying around during allergy season.

This helps to protect you and your passengers from the bulk of the pollutants and allergens that come with sitting amongst other cars or even off-road where dust and pollen can make your adventure uncomfortable and unpleasant if you have a condition like asthma or hayfever.

When the weather is cooler it's the ideal time to replace your pollen filter. With the warmer weather comes an influx of pollen and allergens. Changing out your filter in Autumn or Winter will have you prepared when Spring and Summer come around.

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