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45 Vehicles Available
45 Vehicles Available

Brisbane's largest range of Holden

If you are looking for a used Holden you have come to the right place. Bigboxcars has hundreds of cars to choose from all under one roof and best of all we offer haggle free pricing, 48 hour money back guarantee, full tank of fuel, 12 months roadside assist, and a comprehensive car history report, with every car.

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It’s as simple as ‘Choose | Buy | Enjoy’

At bigboxcars we have discovered a better way to buy and sell used cars. We have taken away the bits that were most painful and re-invented the whole process!

  • Choose from hundreds of used cars all in the one place - undercover.
  • Buy with the confidence of our 48 hour money back guarantee, Australia wide delivery, and best of all, our 'haggle free' fixed price promise.
  • Enjoy the bigboxcars experience, as our guides walk you through the process that has set a new standard for buying a used car.

The Big Box Difference

Since launch, we've sold thousands of used cars to happy new owners in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast - in fact, Australia wide. With our current google star rating of 4.6, we firmly believe in finding you the car you want, as quickly as possible with full peace of mind.

To do this, every bigboxcars comes value packed with;

  • 48 hour money back guarantee
  • Our haggle free 'fixed' price guarantee
  • Full tank of fuel
  • 12 months Roadside Assistance
  • Independent Car History report
  • Guaranteed Clear Title
  • 90 day Stat Warranty.

We have brought together hundreds of used cars into one physical location in Brisbane – and they are all online first so you can window shop from the comfort of home. You can choose what you want to see and make an appointment to explore your choices. You put in the time, you do the research and you arrive knowing what you want to look at. We then do everything we can to make this purchase as comfortable, quick and friendly as possible.