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35 Vehicles Available

Brisbane's largest range of Used Sedans and Hatches

Considering the purchase of a hatchback or sedan? Than you're at the right address with BigBoxCars. We've got a wide range of both and keep our stock up-to-date constantly. The key difference between hatchbacks and sedans is that hatchbacks offer boot space that is encompassed within an extended passenger cabin, sort of like a cargo area, compared to sedans that have separation between the cabin and boot.

A hatchback is a small passenger car with a large boot. A hatchback’s roof doesn’t drop to meet the boot; instead, it has a rear door that opens upwards so you can reach the entire cargo area at once. Most hatchbacks let you fold down the rear seats when not in use, for even more storage space. A sedan is a traditional model of passenger car where the roof slopes down to a boot that is separate from the passenger cabin. Sedans are named after the sedan chair, a throne that had a roof and four carrying poles attached, so that royalty could be carried about by their servants.

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