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24 Hour Drop Off & Collection

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24 Hour Drop Off & Collection

At Bigboxcars Service & Tyres we are open for drop off and collection 24/7. You shouldn't have to rearrange your life around us every time you need a service. In fact, we believe this routine occurrence should be as simple and stress free as possible. That's why we offer you the option to safely drop your vehicle off for its service before we've opened and even collect it after we've closed at no extra cost. Here's how we do this.

Early Bird Drop Off

Step 1: Call us to arrange day & level of service.

Step 2: Before our opening hours, drop off and secure your vehicle in the parking bays in front of building's entrance.

Step 3: Drop your keys in the Early Bird drop off box located next to the entrance doors.

After Hours Pick Up

Step 1: Contact us to arrange an 'After Hours Pick Up'.

Step 2: We will allocate you a secure after hours pick up box and security PIN or you can choose a four digit PIN that's easier to remember.

Step 3: Come back when you're ready to collect your vehicle and locate the after hours pick up box on the left wall near the entrance doors.

Step 4: Find your allocated box and use your PIN to unlock it and collect your keys.

Step 5: Your vehicle will be parked in the one of the parking bays in front of the building's entrance.

Loan Car + Before and/or After Hours Service(silver service + above only)

Step 1: Come in to see us any day before your scheduled service during our opening hours.

Step 2: Sign the mandatory Loan Car Agreement.

Step 3: Follow the steps above to collect your loan car and drop off your vehicle and vice versa.

When you're next in need of a car service and decide you want a convenient, simple and stress-free experience, come and see us at Bigboxcars Service & Tyres.

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​​The next time you need to have your vehicle serviced, visit BigBoxCars Service & Tyres and put your mind at ease whilst our professional technicians take the time to ensure your tyres are well-cared for, and that you’ll be traveling smoothly and safely.

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