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Everything We Offer for Car Servicing

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Published Mon Jun 17 2024

Everything We Offer for Car Servicing

At Big Box Service & Tyres, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of car services to ensure your vehicle remains in top-notch condition. Whether you need routine maintenance or specialized repairs, our team of experienced technicians is here to help. Here's a detailed overview of what we offer: 

Comprehensive Car Services 

Essential Service 

The Essential Service at Big Box Service & Tyres covers all the fundamental maintenance tasks to keep your car in optimal condition. This includes an oil and filter change, a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s key components, and an exterior car wash. It’s perfect for regular upkeep to prevent major issues. 

Platinum Service 

For those looking for a more extensive check-up, our Platinum Service provides a comprehensive examination of your vehicle. This service includes everything in the Essential Service, plus additional checks and maintenance tasks such as inspection of vehicle fluids, an air and pollen filter replacement, tyre rotation and an on-road test. It’s designed to give you peace of mind that every aspect of your car is in excellent working order. 

Logbook Service 

Our Logbook Service is designed to maintain your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring that your warranty remains valid. We follow the exact maintenance guidelines according to your manufacturer, using high-quality parts and fluids to keep your vehicle running smoothly. 
A Big Box Cars log book service will include a qualified technician who will:

  • Perform a logbook service, as per the Manufacturer's Schedule, based on the kilometer/time requirements for your vehicle.
  • Use the correct manufacturer recommended oil to suit your vehicle.
  • Use both Genuine and Non-Genuine parts

Tyre Services 

Tyre Inspection 

Regular tyre inspections are crucial for your safety on the road. Our technicians will examine your tyres for wear and tear, check the tread depth, and look for any signs of damage or punctures. 

Tyre Rotation and Balance 

To extend the life of your tyres and ensure a smooth ride, we offer tyre rotation and balance services. Rotating your tyres helps them wear more evenly, while balancing ensures that your wheels rotate without causing vibrations. 

Tyre Puncture Repair 

Got a flat tyre? Our tyre puncture repair service is here to get you back on the road quickly. We’ll assess the damage and, if it’s repairable, fix it to keep you moving safely. 

Wheel Alignment 

Proper wheel alignment is essential for the longevity of your tyres and the overall handling of your vehicle. Our wheel alignment service adjusts the angles of your wheels to meet the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring optimal performance and safety. 

Specialized Maintenance Services 

Brake Fluid Change 

Brake fluid is vital for the proper functioning of your braking system. Over time, it can absorb moisture and become less effective. Our brake fluid change service will replace the old fluid with new, ensuring your brakes operate efficiently. 

Cooling System Service 

The cooling system is crucial to preventing your engine from overheating. Our cooling system service includes checking the coolant level, inspecting hoses and the radiator, and ensuring the entire system is functioning correctly. 

Safety Certificate (RWC) 

If you need a Safety Certificate (Roadworthy Certificate), our qualified inspectors can conduct the necessary checks to ensure your vehicle meets all safety standards. This certificate is often required when selling your car or registering it in a new state. 

Minor Engine Diagnostics 

When your vehicle’s engine light comes on, it can be a cause for concern. Our minor engine diagnostics service will help identify the issue quickly. Using advanced diagnostic tools, our technicians can pinpoint the problem and suggest the necessary repairs. 


At Big Box Service & Tyres, our commitment is to provide top-quality services that meet all your vehicle’s needs. Whether it’s routine maintenance, tyre services, or specialized repairs, our goal is to keep your car running safely and efficiently. Visit us today and experience the difference in our professional and friendly service. 

For more details about our services, please visit Big Box Cars - Service Options and Big Box Cars - Maintenance

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