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Haggle Free Fixed Price Promise​

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Haggle Free Fixed Price Promise​

Our difference all comes from the idea of focusing first on what you want and providing you with that car as quickly as possible.

The idea is to bring hundreds of used cars together into one physical location in Brisbane – and get them all online first so you can window shop from the comfort of home. You can choose what you want to see and make an appointment to explore your choices. You put in the time, you do the research and you arrive knowing what you want to look at. We then do everything we can to make this purchase as comfortable and friendly as possible.

Each vehicle price is determined by our team of inventory analysts. They have researched every vehicle against the market, and using real-time third-party data, have priced the car to be better than the market average for similar cars for sale at Queensland dealerships. If we find a car that is not priced fairly to the market then we will review that car with a price adjustment.

The other big difference is our 'no haggle' pricing. This removes any potential disagreement or argument about price. The final drive away price is displayed on the car. We’ve already explored the market and priced the car to be better value than the market average. You’re seeing our best price, first. It is the same price for everyone.​

To maximise our transparency, we’re set up to show you how we have arrived at that price through a real time online price comparison with the actual market (other used car dealers in Queensland). And removing the 'I’ll just have to go and talk with my Manager’ conversation, is going to make the whole process a lot more enjoyable and quicker for all.

Our promise is simple - The final price of the car is displayed on the car with no need to haggle and wonder if you got a good deal – what you see, is what you pay. Our drive away price includes all statutory and government on road costs, including registration and stamp duty.

We will give you our best price first. We will give you the biggest possible range of used cars to choose from and we will help you choose, buy and enjoy with a minimum of fuss.

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​​The next time you need to have your vehicle serviced, visit BigBoxCars Service & Tyres and put your mind at ease whilst our professional technicians take the time to ensure your tyres are well-cared for, and that you’ll be traveling smoothly and safely.

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At Big Box Cars we have discovered a better way to buy and sell used cars. We have taken away the bits that were most painful and re-invented the whole process!

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