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The Big Box Journey​

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The Big Box Journey​

What if...​

What if, one day, someone discovered a better way to buy and sell used cars?

What if they took away the bits that were most painful and re-invented the whole process? What if they made it feel like everyone was on the same side? Made it faster and easier and friendlier.No haggling. No arguments.

What if they made the whole thing as simple as – ‘CHOOSE – BUY – ENJOY’ with active support and mutual good will – before, during and after the purchase.

Imagine how powerful and empowering that would be – for buyer and seller alike?

Well that’s the journey we’re all on now – together.

It’s different. It’s challenging and it is rewarding – for everyone.

Our values along the way – We call them our signposts for success. They are:

- Transparency

- Innovation

- Agility

- Heart

Acting with Transparency

Transparency is something simple to say and yet it is challenging to establish and maintain.

We’ve said ‘Transparency means putting the customer in control of their own purchase experience’. That requires us to trust them, to honour their wishes – at the same time as we use our knowledge and expertise to guide their experience and help them choose something that genuinely suits their needs.

Transparency requires honesty. And buying a used car and honesty may not necessarily reflect current customer thinking. So, when we create a business where those two ideas naturally align, this becomes a powerful reason why people will choose to visit us. There is real power in creating an atmosphere where people trust the process because you openly share information with them every step of the way.

Harnessing Innovation

Our aim is to deliver a car buying experience superior to any other automotive retailer in Australia.

That’s what we know our customers will welcome. We are starting our journey with great momentum and good process and with your support we will make an excellent first impression on the market.

However, that is just the start of our journey. To genuinely aspire to be the best requires us to constantly improve what we offer and the way customers interact with us.

How can we do it better?How can we reduce transaction times?What would make us more convenient?What would make the customer journey more appealing?These are the sorts of questions we need to be asking

every day – from day one. And it’s the answers to those questions that will keep us in front of the game.

Moving with Agility

The other side of innovation is change.

When you do find a better process, you have to be able to make it happen quickly. We need to be able to adapt rapidly and we need to be ready to respond as the world changes and our competition evolves, so our customers always feel surprised and delighted.

Agility is a state of mind as well as a way of moving. If we are thinking with agility, our planning and our customer interactions will benefit.

A team that responds quickly, that ‘thinks on its feet’, and is responsive to a changing market is a team that will flourish in this rapidly changing world.

Having heart and a genuine customer focus

The idea of introducing a genuine customer focus may seem like ‘training room talk’.

While it might sound like something that is too ‘naive’ for the real world – it really is at the heart of the way we want to do business.

By genuinely focusing on the customer, we remove their fears of being pressured and misguided or ‘forced into a car they don’t want’.

If we deliver a car buying experience that is superior to any other automotive retailer in Australia, then customers will find us. They’ll want to come to us. They will seek us out.

And if we truly deliver what they are looking for, then they will become advocates of our business. They will return and buy again.


If we deliver a transparent experience and harness the power of innovation –if we move with agility – and if we have the courage and the tenacity to create a genuine customer focus, we will create a superior car buying experience. Where Are We Heading?

By setting up agile teams, using innovative technology and creating a caring, transparent customer focus, we will deliver a car buying experience superior to any other automotive retailer in Australia.

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At Big Box Cars we have discovered a better way to buy and sell used cars. We have taken away the bits that were most painful and re-invented the whole process!

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